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Pamela Adlon

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Many of our celebs are live-action actors who sometimes do toon voices, but that’s Pamela’s specialty; she is a woman of a thousand voices. For one, as Bobby Hill on King of the Hill, she won an Emmy. But her record of voice-overs is like a tour of some of the best and most favorite animated series and movies. She’s Vidia in the Tinkerbell series of videos, and has been in other Disney shows, like Lilo and Stitch, 101 Dalmatians, Quack Pack, and Jungle Cubs (based on Jungle Book). She was also in Disney’s Brother Bear movie with Rick Moranis.

Here are just some of her toon credits: both The Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys, both Ben 10 and Dexter’s Laboratory, both Teacher’s Pet and Recess, both WordGirl and Squirrel Boy… and both Cow and Chicken. Oops! That’s one show, called Cow and Chicken!

Then there was Pajama Sam, The Oblongs, Jakers!, All Grown Up, What’s New, Scooby-Doo? and The New Woody Woodpecker Show. Pamela has been in some sci-fi and action toons, too, like The Animatrix and Spawn. Earlier, she was in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But Pamela’s animation-voice work is also part of some of the best animated films ever, like two of Hayao Miyizaki’s earlier works, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Princess Mononoke. And she is one of the voices in the much-loved Ferngully, about fairies and animals that save their jungle.

Pamela’s new non-animated movie is the romance Conception with David Arquette; her earlier romances include the weepy Bed of Roses and the classic Say Anything… with Ione Skye. And she has also been in many shows for grown-ups. She was in Monk, Boston Legal, Lucky Louie, Unscripted, Six Feet Under, and the great 1990s show Life Goes On, about a family with a son who has Down's syndrome.

But we’ve known Pamela from her many roles in classic 1980s sitcoms, like The Facts of Life with Jewish actors Charlotte Rae and Mindy Cohn… Night Court, with Jewish actors Selma Diamond (read more about her here) and Florence Halop as balliffs… The All in the Family spin-off, The Jeffersons… and even ALF, about an obnoxious, fuzzy, orange, pig-looking alien played by a puppet. We’re not sure what happened to him, but we’re hoping he was eaten by Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog puppet (played by Jewish funnyman Robert Schimmel)!

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