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Toby Klein

by Toby Klein for JUF News

"So who exactly is going to take you seriously," a neighbor laughs. "Don't underestimate us," I warned. "You'll soon see we're more than Jewish summer camp rejects..." Read More »

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Sports Quiz

Figure Skating
Did you "figure" skating for a Jewish sport? In fact, lots of Jewish athletes have won medals and set records in both figure skating. Even if if you are a klutz on the ice (like us!), we bet you can manage a "lutz" on this Jewish skaters quiz!

1. Sara Hughes won Olymic Gold in 2002, when she was 16, by landing ____ triple jumps in one routine, including two "triple triples"!

2. Sarah’s younger sister, Emily, also skated in the Olympics. It happened when one of the main US skaters suddenly withdrew— but without much notice, Sarah still placed ___ in the world!

3. Sasha Cohen won the Silver Medal in the 2006 Olympics in Italy. Her signature style came from the flexibility gained from her early training in:

4. Way back in 1911, World Figure-Skating Champion Lili Kronberger made skating history by doing an entire routine with:

5. France’s Alain Calmat, a Silver Medal figure skater, was the first Jewish person ever to light the Olympic:

6. Canadian Louis Rubenstein became the first ever world-champion figure skater, back in 1890! He was president of Canada’s organization for skating, and also the ones for bicycling, bowling, and the winter sport:

7. Loren Galler-Rabinowitz, who won the bronze at the ’04 U.S. Championships with her partner, was born in America. But now she wants to compete for...

8. Melissa Gregory is from right here in Highland Park! She’s part of a team with her ___; they have won Silver in the US Championships and went to the Olympics in ’06.

9. Benjamin Agosto is another Chicago-born Olympic skater. He has a Silver in the form of figure skating called:

10. Husband-wife team Gennadi Karponosov and Natalya Linichuk have the distinction of winning Olympic Gold both as:

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