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Sports Quiz

It takes a lot of strength to be Jewish. Good thing Jews are so strong. No, really— Jews have set world records in a weighty subject: weightlifting! It’s an Olympic sport, and the Olympics start on August 8th (although all those guys have to lift at the Opening Ceremony is the torch!). Now, see if you can muscle up to the heavy-handed questions in our Jewish weightlifters quiz!

1. In 2007, Amy Weisberger lifted more weight in one day, for her weight class, than any woman ever had. In three lifts, she lifted a total of 1,450 pounds! That’s almost three-quarters of a ton! And she only weighs 148 pounds! Her lifts that day included a:

2. Isaac Berger— who was born in Israel before statehood— was once the strongest man in the world, pound-for-pound. He lifted 336 pounds (in a jerk lift) at the 1964 Olympics; the record stood nine years! He also lifted 800 pounds, the first in his weight class to do so. And he weighed only 130 pounds, so he was classed as a:

3. England’s Edward Levy was also one of the strongest men of his time, back in 1891, when he won the first-ever world weightlifting championships. After the Olympics were established in 1896, he served as a:

4. Ukraine’s Grigori Novak (his name would be "Gregory" in English) won a silver in 1952’s Olympics in Finland. He lifted 936.5 pounds, which is almost half a...

5. In 1954, Frank Spellman weighed 170, but squat-lifted 510 pounds, setting a world record. He won three US Middleweight Championships overall, including one when he was 39 years old! In between, he set two Olympic records and won a gold in 1948, also the year ____ became independent!

6. Ben Helfgott was born in Poland but competed for Britain, serving as their weightlifting team’s captain in 1956 and ’60. He was England’s lightweight champ in three years in the 1950s and member of England’s world championship four times in that decade. He’s the only person to ever compete in the Olympics after surviving the:

7. While he never competed as an athlete, Joseph Greenstein was one strong dude. A carnival showman who went by “The Mighty Atom”, he was only 5’4” and 150 pounds, but he could hammer nails with his hands, or break them with his teeth! He could straighten horseshoes and change a tire with just his hands and snap chains across his chest... and once even stopped a plane from taking off with his:

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