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More Divestment!

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This article is a classic example of the divestment in Israel that is being campaigned on university campuses all over America. Rutgers University is just one of them. Their claims of Israel's apartheid, racism, and denial of human rights are completely incorrect. There is no evidence or support in the article at all-just accusatory assumptions. The problem is that people who don't know much about Israel will believe this article completely. Israel is compared to the apartheid in South Africa in the article, which is obviously a false statement. It is scary to think of the consequences in Israel if all American universities pursued and succeeded in divestment of Israel. What else could it lead to? In addition to even more Palestinian support in American youth, the rest of the country would recognize the divestment as credible and correct. We have to stop the spreading of this harmful action against Israel before it becomes too popular!

Posted by Lucy Marshall

I completely agree that we should try to stop the growing popularity of the idea of divestment. The idea itself is troubling enough, let alone the fact that students on many college campuses support the idea. This frightens me because I do not want to go to a college that supports the idea of divestment from Israel, and I do not want this to limit my choices. Once we get to college, we must spread awareness of the good that Israel does and disprove the lies that are used to make divestment seem like a good idea.
Posted by: Talia Shalen at 5/12/2010 8:16 PM

As many would think, I absolutely agree with the previous opinions. I think that as future college students we need to do whatever we can now and in the future to stop this growing phenomenon. Unless we take action or tell those college students that we know to take action, the problem will only continue to spread to other campuses. This article also shocked me because at my school Rutgers is seen as a Jewish friendly university and is loved by many in the Chicago Jewish community. Although we may think that this problem will not necessarily effect the schools of our likings, unless we do something to eliminate this growing problem, they could consider similar ideas.
Posted by: Ilana Lupovitch at 5/12/2010 11:09 PM

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