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The Israeli Attack on the Freedom Flotilla

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On the following website, there are multiple cartoons that have been created as a result of the Gaza flotilla affair. This cartoon portrays and Israeli soldier as the devil with blood on his hands and an evil grin. This cartoon really annoys me because once again the Jews are portrayed as devils who love killing non-Jews. It has happened before in history, like with the Blood Libels and the Holocaust, and unfortunately it continues even today. I know that this cartoon is coming from a biased source, but at the same time, I think that the cartoonist does not have all the facts surrounding the affair. The cartoon's subtitle states that Jews have been killing innocent people for all of time, yet only now are people noticing. I think that the opposite is true for this statement. Jews have been killed or oppressed or persecuted for all of time, yet the only mention of the Jewish people and Israel in the media is when they have done something wrong. Personally, I feel that Israel is usually portrayed in a negative light, and these cartoons are another example of that.

Posted by Ilana Lupovitch

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