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Catholics reject religion

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So I don't know if anyone has heard about this (or for that manner still reads this blog), but recently Melkite Catholic Archbishop Cyril Salim Bustros proved himself as an anti-Zionist and an anti-Semite by going out of his way to allow for specific judgments to be passed against Jews, standards that he does not even hold his own church to.  This either implies that he thinks we're cooler than he is, or that he really is just another anti-Semite, my money is on the second one.  He recently commented at a Vatican Synod on the Middle East, that scripture does not give Jews the right to "occupy" the land of Israel and "oppress" the Palestinians.  For me at least, it's not the argument here that's a problem.  If people want to say that neither the Koran nor the Torah are legitimate proof, then that's okay since it's not like they were written by people who were actually there.  No, the problem lies in the fact that a Catholic Archbishop says scripture doesn't count, I start to feel like he's got some more political reasons behind what he's saying.  For if he doesn't believe in scripture, he probably should get a new job.

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