New to the Community?

New to the Community?

Have coffee with us to learn about how to get involved with YLD. We’ll help you find your fit in Chicago’s Jewish Community. Email us to set up a coffee date!

Volunteer with YLD


YLD offers many opportunities to make a real hands-on difference in the Chicago Jewish community. Join us for one of our upcoming volunteer programs! 

Israel with Israelis!

Dead Sea

Recruit eligible friends and family to participate in Taglit-Birthright Israel with Shorashim. Get amazing rewards: $100 for every five people you recruit

Past YLD Events

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Find out more about past events in YLD.  Read articles, view photos, watch videos and learn all about the amazing things we’ve done in YLD!

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The Latest

YLD Blue and White Bar Night

Celebrate Israel’s Independence Day on Wednesday, April 22 from 7:00 – 10:00pm at Godfrey Hotel’s (127 W. Huron St) Urban Roofscape. The evening will feature delicious Israel-theme cocktails, DJ, photo booth, Israeli appetizers, and a party to celebrate Israel’s 67th birthday. Details and registration

Spring LEADS

The Spring LEADS Program offers an introductory exploration of the Jewish community and contemporary issues in a relaxed social setting. The program dates are March 23, April 1, April 14, April 20, May 1, May 5, May 13, and May 18. Groups will be formed in several areas of the city and separated by age. Details and registration

JUF Uptown Cafe

Volunteer with YLD at the JUF Uptown Cafe (909 W. Wilson Ave.) and serve dinner in a restaurant-style setting and enjoy a meal with guests. Don't miss out on meeting other YLD-ers who are making a difference to those in need! Details and registration

Donate Now to JUF
Donate Now to JUF