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YLD'S BIG EVENT FUNDRAISER is our premiere annual fundraising event, reflecting your commitment to building a stronger Jewish community in Chicago, Israel and throughout the world by kicking off the 2018 JUF Annual Campaign. Over 2,000 people were in attendance, raising over $160,000 (and still counting!) to support their community.

Big Event Photo
Big Event Photo
Big Event Photo

Your Big JUF Impact

JUF’s Young Leadership Division is committed to building a better Jewish community in Chicago, Israel, and around the world. Dollars raised for the 2018 JUF Annual Campaign at YLD's Big Event Fundraiser are allocated to a network of nearly 70 agencies and programs that care for 500,000 Chicagoans of all faiths and two million Jews around the world.

Your Dollars at Work


...launches a LGBTQ support and social network on campus or sends a young Jewish adult on a Birthright Israel trip


...funds an interfaith social justice project and relationship-building project on campus


...helps an adult with mental health needs gain skills necessary for employment


...supplies two months of food and toiletries for a person in need


...funds an anti-bullying program for 30 local middle school students


...brings a holiday food package to a Chicagoan in need


...funds a meal and a 7-day CTA pass for a working poor individual in need


JUF Young Leadership Division Board of Directors

Lisa Tarshis, President

Mike Schwartz, Executive Vice President

Ben Halbig, Vice President

Rebecca Hoffman, Vice President

Nathan Redisch, Vice President

Garrett Salk, Vice President

Courtney Cohen, 2018 Campaign Chair

Alex Entratter, 2018 Campaign Vice Chair

Katie Berger, 2017 Campaign Chair

Sarah Kozin, 2017 Campaign Vice Chair

Orly Henry, Ex-Officio

Melanie Beatus, 2017-2018 Ben-Gurion Society Chair

Caroline Belloff

Steven Berger

Emily Berman Pevnick

Sam Berry

Ben Blumenthal

Jimmy Casen

Alexa Ehrlich

Jeremy Elkins

Zach Fertig

Lisa Gelles

Ben Ginsburg

Joanna Greenberg

Aliza Gross

Jennifer Hess

Alison Karmin

Randi Karlinsky

Andrea Kass

Marley Kotler

Elizabeth Kramer

Matthew K. Miller

Stephanie Newmark

Byron Regester

Amy Reichstein

Ari Rokni

Elaine Ross

Jason Ross

Michael Waitz

Alexandra Weiner



YLD’s Big Event Fundraiser is an amazing sponsorship opportunity for any company or organization. If you would like to learn about our sponsorship packages, contact Elizabeth Wyner at YLD@juf.org.