PJ Shares: Helping Our Community

Unfortunately, PJ Shares is cancelled for this upcoming Sunday, February 22, 2015. Stay tuned for more information about future programs for families with children with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

If you are interested in joining a parent committee to discuss future PJ Library programming geared towards families with children with intellectual/developmental disabilities, please contact JUF Young Families at 312-357-4851 or YoungFamilies@juf.org.

What's Up at JYF?

Building Stories With Legos

Join PJ Library and PJ Our Way in exploring the story behind the Golem through Legos! In Jewish tradition, the golem is an anthropomorphic creature made by magic. There have been many modern interpretations, including the Minecraft game's Iron Golem. Working with  Play Well TEKnologies , participants will draw inspiration from Jewish folklore and Minecraft to build their own Lego Golem. And while the kids play, parents are invited to attend Sleep Away Camp 101, a workshop and meet & greet with staff from Chicago area Jewish summer camps.

PJ Gives Back: Holiday Giving

PJ Gives Back is a series of programs designed to provide families with the opportunity to participate in hands-on volunteer experiences. On December 13th, PJ Gives Back will focus on the theme of Holiday Giving. Families will make care packages for kids at Mount Sinai Hospital and enjoy interactive stories with award winning writer and storyteller Aubrey Davis.