JUF Right Start™

You invest a lot in your child…. So does the Jewish United Fund.

JUF Right Start, the first program of its kind, was created to give Chicagoland families access to more affordable early childhood Jewish educational opportunities by offsetting the cost of a Jewish preschool or day care through a voucher program.

JUF Right Start is not a need-based program, but an incentive for families to engage in the Jewish community through early childhood education programs. Tuition reimbursement is based on the number of days per week a child is enrolled and the gift voucher can be applied to the tuition of the first child in your immediate family.  

Eligibility Requirements

A family eligible for the voucher must:

  • Have at least one parent who identifies as Jewish
  • Be enrolled in a JUF Right Start affiliated program
  • Be enrolled in a Jewish early childhood program for the first time.  Children who have attended an early childhood program previously with Jewish content do not qualify for this program
  • Be the first child in the family to attend a Jewish preschool
  • Be accepted by the school in a 2, 3, or 4-year-old program where the child attends independently (participating tot programs do not qualify).

Tuition Reimbursements

  • $500 for a child who attends 2 days per week
  • $1,000 for a child who attends 3 days per week
  • $1,500 for a child who attends 4 days per week
  • $2,000 for a child who attends 5 days per week
JUF Right Start Application

JUF Right Start Gift Voucher Application

Download the application (PDF), or Apply Online.


JUF Right Start Participating Programs/Preschools

Download the list (PDF).

Contact JUF Right Start by phone at 312-357-4513 or by email at RightStart@juf.org.

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