IEC encourages cross-cultural, non-partisan, and pluralistic dialogue and action through its five major campus initiatives. We give Jewish and non-Jewish students the opportunity to deepen their relationship with the State of Israel and develop leadership skills that will serve them on campus and throughout the rest of their lives.

Israel Internship

IEC supports interns on 26 campuses across the Midwest. Meet our 2017-2018 interns here

In-Person Support during BDS and anti-Israel campaigns

IEC has a national reputation as a leader in combating delegitmization, anti-Semitism, and anti-Israel activity on campus. When these events occur, IEC professionals put the students’ interests first while providing in-person support, preparation, and assistance with messaging, coalition building and other strategic aspects. 

Jewish Agency Israel Fellows

Through a partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel, IEC brings Israelis to four Illinois campuses to put a personal face on Israel. Israel Fellows are a resource for hundreds of Jewish and non-Jewish students each year and work to promote dialogue, dispel misconceptions, and create Israel-related programming. Learn more about the 2017-2018 Israel Fellows in Illinois.

Onward Israel

Through Onward Israel, students from Illinois or studying at a university in Illinois can spend eight weeks living in Tel Aviv while completing an international summer internship and gaining work experience relevant to their major. Learn more.  

Israel Studies

Since its inception in 2005, JUF's Israel Studies Project has brought respected academics from Israel to Illinois. Their expertise spans various disciplines, including literature, film, medicine, environmental science, politics, and international relations. 

"The IEC is on the ground with us as we combat anti-Israel sentiment and misconceptions. Along with the other Israel Interns, I work every day to empower my fellow students to be voices for Israel."

— Israel Intern

Real Stories. Changed Lives.

Highlights of personal stories and lives impacted by the opportunities offered through JUF's Israel Education Center. Read the Blog.

Ask an Israel Educator.

Got questions? Get answers here. Find out more about the IEC and ways to connect with Israel. Email IEC.

Funding Request Form

If you would like to initiate a campus program about Israel, apply for funding here.