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Keep your summer food healthy and fresh with these homemade sauces. Each sauce can be stored—covered in the refrigerator for up to 5-7 days.

pray ball

‘Pray Ball 2!!’ says sports have Jewish lessons 

foil packets

If you want to see Dad really sparkle, set him up with these easy-to-make grill or oven roast packets.

West side

Sassy, brassy, irreverent, and sardonic, Sylvia—of Nicole Hollander’s eponymous comic strip—was a must-read in up to 80 American papers during the cartoon’s lifespan of 30-plus years.

Pinchas Zukerman

Zukerman will perform—and be honored—in Chicago the weekend of May 20-21.

There's something about dairy photo

Originating is Central Europe, these thin folded quick breads (yes, breads!) are light, delicious, and versatile.


A new documentary, Driving West Rogers Park: Chicago's Once and Future Jewish Neighborhood, produced by award-winning filmmaker Beverly Siegel, chronicles the neighborhood's colorful history through photos and rare footage.

Playwriting Photo

[The Jewish Plays Project] is a “concert-style play reading,” in which professional Chicago-area actors will read 20 minutes of each play.


On the West Side of Chicago, amidst the violent headlines, the basketball team of Orr Academy emerged as a source of pride and good news for the community. 

carpaccio platter

The very notion of inviting guests for Pesach instills terror in many.

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