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Plus, my Backseat Salad and Sufganiyot recipes.

Vegan Deli1

“We owe it to our people in the world not to let deli die.” - Andy Kalish


“When I started getting better...I thought that if I survive, I would write and publish a book.”

Isr Film Fest 2019 still

A line-up of 21 feature films, documentaries, shorts, and TV series awaits you Nov. 7-17 as the Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema celebrates its 14th year of all-Israel, all-the-time programming specially curated for the local Chicago audience. 


Discover new Jewish fiction books for Jewish Book Month.


A new book for siblings of children with special needs helps them deal with this special family dynamic.

Sid Yates

Stories and surprises from 50 years in Congress

When an analogy doesn’t fit, it’s like building a house on an unstable foundation.


Enrich your palate this fall with a complement of mushroom recipes.

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