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For me, there is nothing more comforting than a pot of soup or a long slow-cooked stew on the stove.

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An artist that muses on the past and a choreographer in search of the new.

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Memento Park, this year’s selection for Chicago’s celebration of Jewish Book Month, is fiction. But its storyline provides a glimpse into the very real complexities surrounding artwork that was stolen, lost, or sold under duress during extraordinary circumstances in World War II.

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Hersh’s memoir takes readers behind the scenes of a journalist conducting top-flight, old-school reporting.


New memoir focuses on journey from pain to self-acceptance


This year’s selection is 'Memento Park' by California author Mark Sarvas.


Author A.J. Jacobs has always encouraged his three sons to be grateful for all they have.


The Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema (CFIC)—running Oct. 18-28 in both the city and suburbs—will spotlight films and TV, plus welcome a cadre of guests.


Apatow's filmography reads like an encyclopedia of great film comedy classics of the last 20 years.


I discovered that my favorite fall ingredients -- the pumpkin -- is used by many other cultures in their cuisines.

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