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kasha varnishkes 2

Chef Laura Frankel shares recipes for mushroom barley soup, brisket and kasha varnishkes.


Hedy Weiss previews exhibits on Goldsholl Studios and Todros Geller as well as the Victory Gardens production of Sholem Asch's Indecent.

Less than 24 hours in Damascus changed Howard Kaplan's life.


The book reads in part like a food memoir and in part like a love letter to the act of challah baking. After reading it, it is hard not to gather your own ingredients and immediately start kneading.

People of the Books photo

There was a time when Jews, Muslims, and Christians practiced their religions peacefully alongside each other in the Middle East.

Etta bat mitzvah

Etta Kramer will have her big day in September at CJE SeniorLife’s Weinberg Community for Senior Living. 


The plays, films, and exhibit discussed below all deal with a similar theme, variously suggesting what the survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides.


People of the books: This new bimonthly column, exclusive to JUF News, offers reviews and recommendations on Jewish-themed books, and other reasons to read.


This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of that unique polymath, Leonard Bernstein—conductor, composer, pianist, teacher, writer, and all-around cultural enthusiast—and to celebrate, Highland Park’s Ravinia Festival is pulling out all the stops.

the lost family

'The Lost Family' continues Blum's exploration of the lingering darkness of the Holocaust – and spices it with an assortment of mouth-watering recipes.

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