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Unless we can physically secure our Jewish facilities where the Jewish future is incubated, that future itself will be insecure. 


What always goes in tandem with moments of tragedy and evil are moments of heroism. 

Sometimes, changing the world, or a mind, depends upon how you tell your story

“Never let a teachable moment go by.” That was my grandmother’s life-motto. 


We hear about defaced Jewish headstones, anti-Israel rhetoric, and alarming statistics of a rise in violent incidents against Jews around the world. But there are many glimmers of hope, too.  


Next up on the calendar is Purim, one of the most joyous holidays of the Jewish year. 


The next election will be April 9, 2019.


You are the difference maker of 2018. 


Indeed, the hype is legit and, probably like many of you, I'm hooked. 

Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin 790

The third Women's March is approaching, but Rabbi Debra Newman Kamin says the national leaders embrace of anti-Semitism must be a major concern for even staunch supporters of the movement.

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