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The birds who visit us enjoy a different kind of freedom: they see no borders, no international tension, and no animosity among human beings.

The High Holiday season is all about one thing—chaim: life and living. 

Enosh's counselors

Help on the road to greater independence  


Wherever we travel, we pack our Jewish selves with us before we hit the road or skies. Indeed, we observe the world through Jewish lenses.


We concluded that the next flagship project would again support education, this time laser-focused on STEM education.


Ready for a clean slate? We Members of the Tribe are lucky to get a chance to start fresh every fall as the shofar sounds a wakeup call in each of our lives.

A new resolution from Rep. Ilhan Omar may be a political trap.

Israel's Ethiopian community, then and now


In the years since my own big day, the bar and bat mitzvah industry has gotten out of hand.

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