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Rekhess trip

Their mission: to study how the country manages water -- and how it used to, in the time of King David.


The sport of hockey remains in its infancy in Israel.

Yonah and Pamela

Yonah Dokarker and Pamela Bondy met in Kiryat Gat in 1998.  

What’s red and white and sipped all over Israel? photo

Stu Douglass and Courtney Boylan Douglass visited 20 wineries, six breweries, and one distillery during their two seasons of living in Nahariya, a northern Israeli town of 65,000 along the Mediterranean coast.

The Jewish Federations of North America allocated nearly half a million dollars to help relieve suffering in southern Israel.


Mission participants explored Israeli society and discussed prospects for peace through the eyes of women.

Norman and Doris Levitz move ‘home’ to Israel photo

While approximately 3,700 Americans and Canadians moved to Israel last year, Norman turned 94 on July 4, and Doris is 91.


Hillel Kuttler made visits in April to two places along Israel’s border. June’s dispatch was from Metulla, overlooking Lebanon. This month’s report is from the northeastern Golan Heights. 

Israel Education-Taam Yisrael

To truly understand Israel, understand its long, long history. Fortunately, there are many fascinating ways to do that.

The officers, including several from foreign militaries, are visiting the United States as part of their studies at Israel's National Defense College.

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