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"Who among us was not inspired by the way he combined serious Jewish learning with unbridled menschlichkeit...?"


Fund will provide temporary housing, legal representation for those legally seeking asylum, and assistance for unaccompanied and/or separated children

Event recalls the Buenos Aires bombing, and the justice that still must be served


Award is the Jewish Federation's highest honor

Young Leadership Honorees 2019

Two volunteers, two professionals will be recognized for their many contributions


New President Lonnie Nasatir will outline some of his vision for 119-year-old institution's future


 The building, as yet unnamed, is located on Lake Cook Road in Deerfield.


Understanding and Connecting with Jewish Teens Today shares survey results and interview responses from a total of 17,576 teens

Mitch Glasser

Their hardest win came against Russia; the tie score of 8-8 pushed the game to extra innings. Russia scored 4 runs in the top of the 10th inning. But in the bottom, Israel rallied with 5. Glasser doubled-in runs, then made the walk-off run that put the game in Team Israel’s win column, capping the game at 13-12

Manny Steinfeld & Wife

Manny was one of the last of the greatest generation; even within that generation, he was great and utterly unique

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