Stories from around the Chicago-area Jewish community.


With most gyms closed, and many of us isolating ourselves at home, it’s time to get creative with your fitness routine.


Our new Covid-19 reality has a lot of potential for people to feel lonely.

“After the Holocaust, the world made a promise—‘Never Again.’ The aim of this course is to help ensure that promise starts to come to fruition."


Judaism explores the idea of finding inner peace from all the external noise.

JCFS Mindfulness

Jewish meditation was deeply developed in the Kabbalistic and Hasidic traditions, and has found a resurgence of interest in modern times.

Rabbi Kedar

With Amen, Kedar’s own purpose is, she explained, “to aid in the search for clarity, for strength beyond what we know."

Rabbi Poupko speaks of the first Seder in Egypt and its ramifications for the Jewish people.


JUF News readers share their unique Passover traditions.


Evelyn R. Greene's significant donation will support women and girls in the Chicago Jewish community.

Day School Innovation Fund launched to kickstart innovative programs and teaching

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