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Stories from around the Chicago-area Jewish community.

cubs dad dementia

By the time the Cubs made it to the World Series in 2016, Lou’s dementia prevented him from following the team’s incredible season.

kosher book

 Allan Lieberman’s new book ‘We Want Mashgiach Now!’ chronicles the experiences of a 'Kosher Cop.' 

Capers Funnye

Funnye has served for 38 years as the rabbi for Chicago's Beth Shalom B'nai Zaken Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation.

nasatir gala

His wife Carolyn Rosenberg described Nasatir best: "The weight of the Jewish world was and is on your shoulders," she said, "and you embraced that."


Idina Menzel inspired 1,000 women at this year's JUF Women's Division Spring Event.


Most grandparents are interested in passing on Jewish values such as leading an ethical life, giving tzedakah, learning about the Holocaust and their family’s story, and doing tikkun olam. 


JUF News took the opportunity to speak with Steve about some of the extraordinary moments in modern Jewish history to which he has born witness—and in which he often played a pivotal role.

Northwestern University students and faculty came together for a local symposium demonstrating the importance of water in Israel.

sklar and miller bronfman

Elitsa Reinglass Sklar and Jacob Miller -- are among the 26 high school juniors from across North America named to this year's cohort.


Dennis Kleper, a longtime member of the Chicago Jewish community, passed away at age 70.

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