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JUF News wants to help to share the joy of your simcha, and publishing your announcement is a free service we provide to our community. Please send us a description of your simcha—using the wording guidelines below—and a photo to us here. Please also note the photo guidelines below.

JUF News can consider for publication only those listings submitted through email. Submissions may be edited and may be rewritten for style and content. We cannot guarantee publication of any particular listing. For privacy considerations, we only accept submissions from family members. Sending JUF News your simcha notification grants us permission to publish it, edit it for style, and crop and resize photo as necessary. Questions? Please e-mail

We publish listings of simchas officiated by members of the Chicago Board of Rabbis, the Chicago Rabbinical Council, Agudat Yisrael, American Conference of Cantors, Cantors Assembly, and equivalent organizations.

Photo Guidelines

Photos will be published on a space-available basis and at the discretion of the editors. It is the responsibility of those submitting the photo, not JUF News, to secure permission and provide necessary photo credits for publication.  JUF News may crop or otherwise adjust the photo to meet publication needs and standards. Images must be in the JPEG file format and at least 100kb.

Wording Guidelines

Please submit your simchas in the following format, as applicable:




Mazel tov to (parents’ first and last names) on the birth of a (son/daughter), (baby’s name, if announced), and to (grandparents) and (great-grandparents).

Note: Please include your relationship to the baby. If you are not the parents, please confirm you have permission from the parents to submit this simcha.


Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Mazel tov to (bar/bat mitzvah’s name), on becoming a (bar/bat) mitzvah, to (parent’s names), and to (grandparents) and (great-grandparents).



Mazel tov to (parents’ names) on the engagement of their (son/daughter) to (son/daughter), of (parents’ names), and to (grandparents) and (great-grandparents).
(Bride/groom) on (his/her) engagement to (bride/groom)
(Bride) and (groom) on their engagement.



Mazel tov to (married couple) on their recent marriage, and to (couple’s parents), (grandparents) and (great-grandparents).


Milestone Anniversary

Mazel tov to (couple) on their (Silver/Golden/Diamond*) Anniversary, and to their children (names), grandchildren (names), and great-grandchildren (names).

* Special Anniversaries

  • Silver = 25 years
  • Golden = 50 years
  • Diamond = 75 years

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