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Long Term Programs

Masa Israel Journey

Masa Israel Journey, is home to the widest variety of mid-and-long term (5-12 months) international experiences in Israel for young Jewish adults (18-30). Masa Israel will  help you find the right intern, study abroad, volunteer, or gap program for you. Your Gateway to Long-term Israel Programs with more than 150 approved programs by providing information, contacts, and grants, allowing over 110,000 young Jews from more than 60 countries to have participated in Masa Israel. To request information about specific MASA programs,email

Short Term Programs

YLD Israel Trip

Travel to Israel with other Young Leaders on the YLD National Leadership Mission! Participants ages 22-39 have the opportunity to tour, learn and discover Israel with other young professionals from Chicago and across the country. Experience Israel as you kayak the headwaters of the Jordan River, climb Masada before dawn, and meet with members of the IDF. Plus, get an insider's look at how Federation, the most effective Jewish community-building organization on the planet, unites and cares for Jews in Israel and around the world. Read More »

Volunteer with Project TEN

The Jewish Agency's new Project TEN ("ten" is the Hebrew word for "give") brings together Jewish young adults from Israel and around the world to spend three months working and learning together in vulnerable communities throughout the globe. While performing meaningful service projects that promote sustainable development, the volunteers participate in a unique, immersive service-learning framework that highlights Jewish values. Project TEN creates a triple win: For the populations in need, who benefit from volunteers, resources, and know-how; for the participants, who form a lasting bond as members of the global Jewish family and, together, explore their Jewish heritage; and for Jewish communities worldwide, each of which benefits from international relationship-building, the cross-pollination of pluralistic ideas, and the creation of Jewish and Israeli goodwill ambassadors.
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Volunteer for Israel-Sarel

Volunteers significantly aid Israel's economy. Their service save the government millions of shekels each year in salaries that would have to be paid to reservists and others who would have to take up the burden of tasks that our volunteers are able to perform. Wouldn't you like to spend two or three weeks living and working alongside Israelis, at an army base or in a hospital? Join Volunteers for Israel and get an insider's view of the culture and lifestyle of Israel. Be a part of this exciting and important humanitarian experience! During the program, in addition to work assignments, cultural and educational programs are offered. One or two excursions will also be included, situation permitting. Read More »

Magen David Adom Ambulance Volunteer Program

Spend two incredibly exciting and satisfying months, gaining hands on first-aid and emergency-care experience in Israel. The Magen David Adom (Israeli Ambulance Corps) provides first-aid services throughout Israel and works with its volunteers to provide effective initial treatment. The MDA Volunteer Program, run in conjunction with the Jewish Agency, allows you to be part of this mission. It gives university students an exciting opportunity to gain valuable experience, giving first-aid care, while experiencing "real life" in Israel.

The program begins with an eight day first-aid training course in English run by Magen David Adom. During this week participants learn subjects as basic anatomy and physiology, CPR, trauma, injuries, shock management, emergency management of acute illnesses and much more. Following the successful completion of the training course, participants are placed in MDA stations all over Israel, where they work as ambulance volunteers side by side with Israeli volunteers and staff. Additional activities include a guided tour, and a three day educational seminar. The program, including the training course and the volunteer period runs for a period of 6-8 weeks and is offered several times a year. On completion of the program, participants receive certification as "Certified First Responders" from Magen David Adom. Read More »

Fire-fighters for Israel

Get "fired up" for an incredible month of hands-on firefighting experience in Israel! The Jewish Agency for Israel and The Israeli Fire and Rescue Commission are initiating a new exciting opportunity, which allows overseas volunteers to join the team of Israeli firefighters and lend a hand as they secure the country's neighborhoods and countrysides. This program offers young adults an opportunity to explore Israel, while making a meaningful contribution to the country. The program begins with a three-day opening seminar and training course in English run by The Israeli Fire and Rescue Commission. Following the seminar, participants are placed in local Firefighter Stations throughout Israel, where they work as volunteer firefighters alongside Israeli volunteers and staff. A guided tour of Israel is also included. The program, including the training course and the volunteer period, spans one month and is offered several times a year. Read More »

Livnot U'lehibanot

The concept of a Jew's responsibility to his or her fellow Jew is not just a phrase at Livnot. In Israel, it is estimated that one in four Israelis live under the poverty line. These people struggle to meet their daily needs, and Livnot volunteers are there to help.Volunteers assist Israeli organizations in such projects as soup kitchens, packing and delivering food packages, and clothing distribution. Without volunteers, these organizations would not be able to serve the thousands of needy Israelis who rely on them for assistance. Read More »

Amirim - Summer Volunteering Program

Amirim is a summer volunteer program in Israel for college students and young professionals ages 18-27. An opportunity to contribute to Israeli society through meaningful volunteer service inJerusalem or Bat Yam, a suburb of Tel Aviv. You will volunteer four days per week at a non-profit organization in a field of your interest such as: Archeology, Civil and Human Rights, The Elderly, Environment, Immigrant Communities, Jewish-Arab co-existence, Jewish Pluralism, LGBT Community, Ecology, Migrant Workers and Refugees, Nature Reserves and Parks, Women's Rights, Victims of Terrorism etc. During the other days, enjoy trips, camping, insightful speakers and learning opportunities. Make friends, expand your global network and build your resume. Amirim participants live in apartments with other young Jewish adults from around the world, you can choose from 4-week and 8-week options. Read More »

Friends of Israel Scouts - Tzofim

Information about Tzofim Chetz V'Keshet and Tzofim Keshet, programs of the Friends of Israel Scouts-Tzofim. Read More »

Summer Program in Medical Ethics and Halacha

This summer program in Jewish medical ethics is for students with a background in Jewish learning and is open to any student interested in the field of medicine including pre-med, med and dental students, residents, doctors, psychologists, and graduate students in the field of ethics. The program includes lectures, independent learning, hospital rounds, accommodations and tours of Israel. The program's goals are to provide in-depth lectures and discourse on medical-Halachic topics and to bridge the complex worlds of medicine, ethics, and Halacha for the physicians of tomorrow. Read More »

Career Israel Short Track

The Career Israel Short Track is a 2-4 month professional internship program open to college/university students and graduates from all over the world. Read More »

Kibbutz Ulpan (Summer)

This Kibbutz Ulpan provides the unique experience of working with Israelis on a kibbutz while at the same time offering classes in the language itself. Participants work on the kibbutz for half of the week and study in Ulpan for the other half, thus having the chance to utilize the Hebrew they are learning in an authentic Israeli setting. Read More »


The Marva Course was created in 1981 with the objective of giving young Jewish adults in the Diaspora ages 18-28 the opportunity to experience life in Israel through an army experience. Read More »


The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, a nondenominational coed institute of Jewish studies in Jerusalem, offers one week sessions in January and one month sessions over the summer. Read More »


An organic farming organization that connects volunteers with different farms in Israel, including kibbutzim, moshavim, and smaller family farms. They provide an opportunity to work the land and learn about the movement for sustainable agriculture in Israel. Read More »

Jewish Helping Hands

A US-based volunteer/funding organization which works with non-profits in several countries, primarily Israel. Read More »

Israel Way-Oranim Project

Offering short- and long-term programs in Israel. Read More »

Israeli Leadership Seminar for Teachers and Community Executives of the Jewish World

Israeli Leadership Seminar for Teachers and Community Executives of the Jewish World Sponsored by the MOFET Institute, this seminar will deal with models of Jewish/Israeli leadership by examining participant management styles and consolidating ways of promoting community leadership in the framework of the role they are currently performing or will perform in the future. July 9-18, 2013. Read More »

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