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Meet an Alumnus: Carly Gusto

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  Carly Gusto in Chicago

Carly Gusto in Israel

When you went on a Birthright Israel trip and with which organizer: I went on Birthright June 2014 with Israel Experts

Why did you decide to go to Israel?: I decided to go to Israel because it felt like a calling to visit and is somewhere I have wanted to travel to for a long time.

Your favorite trip memory/funniest story: My favorite memory is the night we were at the Bedouin camp and had to hike Masada early the next day. After being guided through a meditation from one of the trip leaders, myself and a few other people from my trip stayed up until 3am at the campfire talking all night. The funniest story is when half of the group rode the camels topless that was hilarious!

You are from/ Living now: Mundelein, IL

How you pay the bills: I do not pay any bills since I am a student still

Favorite food from Israel: There are quite a few that I consider my favorite, Boreka, Shakshooka and Malawach sandwich

Relationship status: Single

Your claim to fame/fun fact: My right elbow is double jointed and my left elbow is not!