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Meet Alumnus Julie Teitelbaum

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Julie TeitelbaumWhen did you go on a Birthright Israel trip and with which organizer? How was it?: I traveled to Israel through Shorashim in June 2016. I. Loved. It. 

Why did you decide to go to Israel: My gf, Rachel, always said we should go together. It worked out that two of our other gfs, Stephanie and Melanie, were also trying to go at the same time. I had traveled to Israel when I was 7 with my family, I was excited to create new memories as an (mostly) adult with best friends. 

What is your favorite trip memory: Being in Jerusalem was incredibly moving and spiritual for me. I felt very connected to myself and Judaism while there. Also, I was number 47/47 in our "let's make sure everyone is here count off". The applause after saying "47"... well, it made my trip :) 

You are from: Northbrook, IL

Where are you living now: Chicago, IL

How do you pay the bills: I work at Sunstone Manufactured Housing Consultants - we buy, sell and invest in Manufactured Home Communities and RV Parks. 

Favorite food from Israel: ICED COFFEE. I think my next steps in life involve opening up an Aroma in Chicago... 

Something about me that is surprising but not really surprising: I am addicted to smoothies and avocado toast.