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Meet Alumnus Samantha Steinberg

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Samantha Steinberg

When did you go on a Birthright Israel trip and with which organizer? How was it?: Shorashim! It was amazing! I loved getting to travel with people from Chicago and to spend all 10 days with Israelis as well!

Why did you decide to go to Israel: It has been high on my travel list for a long time and I have heard so much about Birthright that I had to go. I love travelling to new places and experiences new cultures and Israel was a great opportunity for that.

What is your favorite trip memory/funniest story: We had the opportunity to go to an Improv Workshop related to using masks to create new characters. The guy who lead the workshop was hilarious and during his demonstration he was crawling all over people and making everyone do strange things such as standing in the corner during the show or having one person only speak using La while someone else had to translate. At one point we had 6 people on stage and in masks speaking in different accents, languages, gender swaps, and wife swaps. One of the funniest parts of this was one when person tried to mimic the instructor by climbing over all of the chairs and just ended up taking down one of our other group members!


You are from: Riverwoods, IL


Where are you living now: Chicago, IL


How do you pay the bills: Consultant in Healthcare Finance IT


Favorite food from Israel: I really enjoyed the Georgian food we had in Jerusalem


Your claim to fame/fun fact: My longest drive on the golf course is 326

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