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Back from Birthright Israel Blog

Meet Alumnus Steph Krim

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Stephanie Krim

When did you go on a Birthright Israel trip and with which organizer? I went on Birthright with Shorashim from December 14th – 25th 2016 


How was it?: The trip was amazing. I had low expectations because I have never done a trip like this. I walked away changed by my experience. Once I figured out how to let go of the control I am used to having I was swept up in a well planned whirl wind. I saw so much and got so close with our crew.


Why did you decide to go to Israel: I decided to go to Israel because the opportunity to take a free trip and see a part of the world that I otherwise wouldn’t have access to seemed too good to pass up. This was my last chance to attend as I turn 27 on March 1st.


What is your favorite trip memory/funniest story: There were so many funny memories. Our group united around some jokes that played out through the whole trip. One person became an advocate for Drip Irrigation, another submerged their upper body in a pool of water to save someone’s sunglasses. I feel like I walked away with family. The moments were not individual but collective, the memories arn’t moment but the whole experience.  


You are from: Originally from north of Boston


Where are you living now: Chicago for the last 9 years.


How do you pay the bills: I work for a project studio, Land and Sea Dept. We focus in hospitality but often take on projects outside of that realm.


Favorite food from Israel: Yossi, our Israeli guide took a couple of us to this spot, in the market in Jerusalem, where they kept the food warm over candles. I got an eggplant dish stuffed with meat and spiced with cinnamon. It was really amazing.


Your claim to fame/fun fact: When awards were given out I received “best dancer” which to be totally honest, was a long time dream of mine. 

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