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Back from Birthright Israel Blog

Meet Alumnus Bex Trout

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Mr Bex Trout

When did you go on a Birthright Israel trip and with which organizer? I went to Israel during the Month of December in 2016. I went with Shorashim Taglit on the Extreme Adventure trip with Moose, Yoni and Talli

What is your favorite trip memory/funniest story: I would say my favorite memory of the trip would be the friends I made, the soldiers, and also a late night trip we made to the Med Sea to go swimming off the coast of Tel Aviv with some amazing people who had to talk me into it lol.

You are from: I'm from downtown Chicago, but I was raised in Kansas City.

How do you pay the bills: I pay the bills as a Manager at Enterprise Rent a Car on the Magnificent Mile and I love my job.

Favorite food from Israel: My favorite food from Israel was definitely the Hummus and Shushuka*sp? In Jerusalem, and the fresh veggies and fruit that came with every breakfast! 

Your claim to fame/fun fact: My claim to fame or fun fact... uhm... I used to be a competition cocktail bartender and could still sling behind the sticks if anyone ever needed me to do so! 

Check out Bex on Trips of the Trade podcast:

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