Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia (say: ah-LEE-see-ah) is from San Francisico and has "wonderful memories" of becoming a bat mitzvah, but that big life event wasn't the first (or the last!) time Alicia would be speaking in front of a crowd.

Her next project is about (what else?) vampires in love. It's called Vamps, and it's directed by Amy Heckerling and co-stars Wallace Shawn, both of whom she worked with on Clueless, her breakout movie (more about that later). Richard Lewis and Justin Kirk are in Vamps, too.

But comparing those two films is like comparing, oh, homework and butter! Or Homework and Butter, her other two recent movies. In the first, she plays a teacher of a guy who is coasting through high school. And the second is about a butter-carving contest! Yes, we have seen these butter scuptures. They are huge, they are usually of things like cows or tractors, and they are found at state fairs. And yes, they are carved out of actual butter! Keep them next to the ice scupltures so they don't melt!

Back to Alicia. She's in a movie with Sophie Okenedo called Stormbreaker. It's about a guy who becomes a superspy and saves England. Did we mention he's 14 years old? At that age, we were trying to figure out the secret message on the back of the cereal box! She's also in the TV series Singles Table.

Alicia can also be spotted in the movie Beauty Shop, already out on DVD. She was in Scooby Doo 2, Batman & Robin (she was Batgirl), and a musical remake of the Shakespeare play Love's Labour's Lost.

But our favorite-- so much so we made it one of our Movies of the Month--  is still Clueless, which is based on another classic of British literature, Jane Austen's Emma. In it, Alicia plays a teenage matchmaker… who could use a little help in that area herself! Her dad in that is Dan Hedaya, FYI.

Now that her movie career has taken off, Alicia created her own production company "First Kiss Productions". On TV, she has been in The Wonder Years with Fred Savage and has even been Punk'd! Before that, she was famous as a teen for being in a lot of Aerosmith videos.

A great thing about Alicia is how she sticks to her principles but is still considered cool; Cosmo magazine called her a "fun and fearless female." She is a vegan and an animal-rights activist. In fact, she adopted a stray dog and kept him on the Clueless movie set, and named him Samson after the Torah's famous strong man.

If her acting started early, lessons about others started even earlier: "My parents taught me about other cultures. I spent time in Africa, Cuba, Europe, Jamaica, and the Amazon, and that was nothing to do with work."

For a superstar, Alicia is amazingly down-to-earth. "The things that move me and excite me aren't necessarily going to be box-office hits all the time. I'm really just a working actress and I like to pick projects and do things that really inspire me," she says. "In my real life, I'm this weird, dorky girl who just hangs out with her dog."


Alicia used to date another laid back star who loves his dog, Adam Sandler.
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