Nathalia Ramos

Nathalia Ramos

Just so we’re clear, Nathalia is not a brat! But she is one of the Bratz, along with Anneliese van der Pol, in the movies based on those fashion-conscious dolls. (Lainie Kazan is in it, too, and the movie was created by Israeli producer Avi Arad.)

In Bratz, Nathalia plays Yasmin, who is Jewish and Mexican. The doll Yasmin was the first of the Bratz to be created; the designer, who was Jewish himself, modeled and named Yasmin after his own daughter, Jasmin! (Fun fact: Barbie was created by a Jewish toy designer too! Her name was Ruth Handler.)

Now, Nathalia (the "h" is silent) is in a TV show called House of Anubis. It's a missing-person mystery set in a British prep school. Now, Anubis is a Egyptian god, with the body of a person but the head of a jackal, who was the god of the afterlife, and mummies. We're not sure what he has to do with a British prep school. Well, British kids do call their moms "Mummy!"

Nathalia's new movie, Shadows from the Sky, is an action thriller on an airplane. It looks like a bumpy ride-- we hope they have oxygen masks in the theater!

Before that, we saw Nathalia heading north. Her last movie is called 31 North 62 East, about how a politician plays with national security to get re-elected. And she plays someone named Dakota North (maybe she's friends with Carloina South and Virginia West!) in the show True Jackson, VP. That's about a young vice-president (what "VP" stands for) in a fashion business.

Nathalia’s first show was Arrested Development, which also has Jewish actors Jeffrey Tambor and David Cross. She played Hope.

Nathalia, whose friends call her Nat, was born in Madrid, the capital of Spain. That’s where her dad is from. Then she moved to Australia, because that’s where her mom, who is Sephardic, is from!

Then she moved again, to Miami, because she is both Jewish and Spanish, and both of those cultures are really big there. She says there are many people there who are Jewish Cubans, so they call them “Jubans!” Now she lives in LA... because that’s where they make movies.

Nathalia is very proud to be part of the Jewish community. Her family belongs to a temple near their home in Miami, where her brother had his bar mitzvah. She was too busy with acting for her own bat-mitzvah… but she wants to someday share one with her mom, who never had one, either!

Nathalia herself is very cool with being both Spanish and Jewish. As she told JVibe magazine, “One of my grandmas makes matzah balls, and the other makes albondigas (Mexican meatballs)!”

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