Max Hoffman

Max Hoffman

When we wrote about his brother, Jake, we said it was hard to become an actor if you dad was already a superstar actor. Well, now Max has to follow his dad Dustin and his big brother Jake!

Jason Reitman, son of huge-hit director Ivan, had the same story. So he made his movies very different from his dad’s. What’s hard for Jake and Max is that Dustin’s roles were already all over the place. He played everything from a woman in a soap opera to a 100-year-old Native American!

Max has been in a couple of his Dad’s movies. The Peter Pan sequel, Hook, has Dustin as Captain Hook and Max playing Peter when he was 5 years old. He was also in Meet the Fockers, the sequel to Meet the Parents and one of our Movies of the Month!

Ben Stiller  as the star of those movies, of course. But Max is coming into his own now with a role in what may be Ben’s best movie, the new Greenberg, about a guy who just sorta wanders through life and never really grew up. Like he still wants to be a rock star and date his high-school sweetheart. Someone should make him watch Peter Pan and tell him it’s a fantasy— it’s called “Neverland” because it never happens!

Well, Max’s next movie argues that. It’s called Everything Will Happen Before You Die. It’s too new to know what it’s about. But we guess… everything? Sounds like at least a two-parter!

Max’s other movies are The Beautiful Ordinary, with Aaron Himmelstein, about the last day of high school… What Goes Up, about not fitting in in high school… and another new one called On Holiday, which is the British way of saying “on vacation.” So even if it's about high schoolers, at least they're not in class in that one!

Max’s most Jewish movie was the Adam Sandler Chanukah animation Eight Crazy Nights.

We hope Max has a long and fun career. There was a movie with three generations of Kirk Douglas’ family called It Runs in the Family, and maybe someday Dustin and his sons will make a movie like that with all three of them. After all, "it" runs in the Hoffman family, too!

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