Gal Gadot

Gadot Photo

Her name is not said like, “She’s my gal”; it rhymes with “doll.” And her last name is not French, with a silent T like Brigitte Bardot. It’s Israeli, so you say the T, and it rhymes with “afloat.”

OK, now that you can say her name, who is she? She plays Natanya in the new hit Date Night with James Franco and Mila Kunis. It’s about a couple who lies about their names to get a table at a restaurant. But hired killers are out for the people supposed to have that table. Oops! That’s OK, we’ll take this to go!

She was in Knight and Day, an actioner about Tom Cruise as a secret agent who has to find out who is trying to kill him, and Cameron Diaz as the innocent bystander who gets swept along for the ride. If you didn't see this movie, that's OK... you can see a lot of others like it!

We said that Gal is not French, but she did play a French character in the fourth and fifth Fast & Furious car-race movies. We think (hope) they are done with those. Think of all the gas they burned! Maybe next they can do the environmental Hybrid & Hydrogen. Anyway, the movie was good for Gal— she got engaged while making it!

As you might expect from an Israeli star, Gal’s first show was Israeli, and she was the star. It was called Bubot (say: boo-BOAT), the Israeli word for “dolls,” which we think is not about dolls but models. Why? Because Gal was a model before she was an actress.

Not just any model, either! She was Miss Israel, and represented Israel at the Miss Universe Pageant. She was also in a controversial series of photos in Maxim magazine about women in the Israeli army. Put that gun down—that’s not what we meant when we said “let's shoot the picture!” And she was the main model for one of Israel’s largest fashion labels.

After Bubot, Gal was in a reality show about six models living together while trying to make it in New York. It was called The Beautiful Life, which is not a bad description of Gal’s actual life!

Gal was born in a small, central Israeli town called Rosh Ha’ayin. Yes, that means “the head of the eye!” But “ayin” in Hebrew also means “stream or fountain.” Lots of Israeli towns have the word “Rosh” in their name if they are at the “head”, or source, of a river or stream. The river in this case is called the Yarkon River, and it flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

(How can the same Hebrew word mean “eye” and “river?” Well, how can the same English word, “box” mean “a carton” and “to fight”?)

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