Jonathan Ahdout

Jonathon Ahdout Photo

Jonathan Ahdout’s  last name is the Hebrew word for “unity,” coming from the word “echad,” which means “one.” Incidentally, the word “unity” has the same idea, since the words “uno” and “une” are Spanish and French for “one”… and “unity,” of course, means “the feeling of being together as one.”

But the number you will probably think of when you hear Jonathan’s name is 24, because that was the show he played Behrooz Araz on for a year! Before that, he was in a sad movie with Ben Kingsley called The House of Sand and Fog. His character’s name was Esmail, which is not a misspelling of “e-mail” but a version of Ishmael, the name of Abraham’s son in the Torah. Anyway, in both the TV show and the movie, he played the son of the same actor! We guess they must look a lot alike!

Now, Abraham was born, probably, in what is now Iraq. And Jonathan’s parents came from the county next door, Iran. Jonathan’s older sister was born there, too. Then they went to Pakistan, then Israel… and then the US. So Jonathan himself was born in California. Which again goes to show that there are Jews everywhere!

He went to Jewish day school. Now, he’s in college, double-majoring in Film and Business, so he can handle both the “show” and “biz” parts of “showbiz”! This is a good idea because too many performers don’t know the “biz” part and end up making bad deals with their agents, managers, and studios. There are a ton of stories about famous, talented people you’d think would be rich but are not because of these bad deals.

Anyway, back to Jonathan! He was in American Gun, a movie about how guns affect American society (and not in a good way!) with Nikki Reed. And he was in a TV show called The Unit, based on real-life super-secret soldiers.

We were going to include Jonathan in our list of One-Show Wonders, but we changed our minds. He’s just at the start of his career, so he has plenty of time to be on way more shows than just one… maybe as many as 24!

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