Sasha Spielberg

Sasha Spielberg

If her last name sounds familiar, yes, she is the daughter of Steven Spielberg. But she has already grown out of her dad’s huge shadow and is getting projects he has nothing to do with!

We're planning on seeing The Art of Getting By, with Alicia Silverstone. It's about a talented-but-directionless young painter and the "she's-not-my-girlfriend" he likes to cut class with, and it looks like a very honest movie about young "we're-just-friends."

Her first movie was called The Love Letter, and it was about a small town whose post office receives a love letter. But it doesn’t say who it’s for! Well, obviously, it’s for me!

Her next three movies... well, her dad did direct those. The Terminal starred Tom Hanks as a man who, due to a screw-up, can’t immigrate to America or go back to his home country—so he has to live at the airport! This was based on a true story!

Another true story was the basis for Munich. Back in the 1970s, terrorists killed 11 Israeli athletes at an Olympics held in the German city of Munich. The movie is about how the Israelis tracked down and killed all those terrorists.

And the other one, about finding alien skeletons while looking for buried treasure, is, um, not based on real life. That one was Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Part 4 of the Indiana Jones series with Harrison Ford.

Which brings us to the three movies Sasha is going to be in during 2010. The Dry Land is about a soldier coming home from war to his hometown in Texas. America “Ugly Betty” Ferrara is in that.

The Kids Are All Right is about some kids who find their birth-father. They think it’s cool to meet him, but their moms are not so sure! Zosia Mamet is in that one; her dad is the great playwright David Mamet (see this Bonus).

And Alicia Silverstone, who once played a Clueless student, is a teacher in Homework. But the focus is on a student and his relationship with his best (female) friend.

As far as we know, Steven has nothing to do with any of Sasha’s movies anymore. We have to say, though, being on the set of a Spielberg movie has got to be as intense a training in acting for the movies as an acting class!

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