Sophie Winkleman

Sophie Winkleman

We have seen a lot of special effects on TV, but we're not sure how they are going to make a TV show about the Titanic. Not because they can't show a shipwreck on TV, but because the whole disaster - from the time the ship set sail to the time it sank - was just a couple of days! How they are going to get 22 episodes out of that is going to take some amazing special effects, is all we are saying.

But we are talking about this at all because Sophie here is on the show. He last one was called Lead Balloon, which is another expression meaning "disaster waiting to happen," as in "That’s as likely to fly as a lead balloon!" Maybe Sophie should avoid projects with such doom-y titles! (At least she wasn't in Failure to Launch!)

Sophie has been on CSI: Miami. But, like her biggest movie, the first of the Chronicles of Narnia series, most of her projects are British. Well, she is, too! In fact, she is married to Lord Frederick Windsor, part of the royal family, so we'd say very very British! (And he proposed on Valentine's Day. Awww!)

Her official title is Lady Frederick Windsor, but she still calls herself Sophie Winkleman when she's acting. Stll, she's not the only celebrity in our list who is part of British  nobility!

In England, Sophie has been in everything from sketch comedy shows (which she co-wrote) and sitcoms to sci-fi stuff and a retelling of Robin Hood. And, as befits a semi-royal, she played a princess in The Palace, about a made-up royal family.

Her most Jewish project is Suzie Gold, starring Summer Phoneix (Joaquin's sister), and it’s sort of "My Big Fat Jewish Wedding." And she was in White Teeth, a drama series about how England is becoming more multi-cultural.

Sophie went to Cambridge, a very important British university. She studied English Lit, but also wrote and acted in the school's acting troupe.

She has done tons of stage acting too. She was part of the Royal Shakespeare Company, where she was in a production of Beauty and the Beast (but not a musical version. Although she can sing!) She's been in lots of plays by the best playwrights - British, American, and even Spanish - and she performed in ancient Greek outdoor theaters, where modern theater was born.

Plus, she's been on the radio! Yes, they still do comedy and drama on the radio in England. How quaint! One of her roles was Anna Freud, the daughter of Sigmund Freud, the thinker who invented psychoanalysis. Like her dad, Anna was Jewish, and no slouch at psychiatry herself!

Geek fans will appreciate Sophie's other radio work, and an Amazon warrior princess and on Dr. Who episodes! We don’t care if her husband is a lord-- she's friends with a Time Lord!

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