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Don't Forget Carrier Screening This Men's Health Month

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Man With Baby

Guys, be proactive about your genetic health! Research shows that women make about 80% of the health care decisions for their families1, including the men in their lives. If you and your partner are thinking about starting a family, now is the time for both of you to learn your family health history and carrier status (if you haven’t already).

Carrier screening can help you identify your risk of passing down an inherited disorder to a future child. The Sarnoff Center for Jewish Genetics offers an affordable and accessible screening program. Designed for Jewish and interfaith couples, the program tests for a comprehensive panel of recessive disorders that are found in the Jewish and general populations. A genetic counselor is available to answer questions before the test and explains results afterwards. 

You can complete the program from the comfort of home in 5 easy steps:
1. Register and pay a small program fee
2. Complete our online education course
3. Register for the screening test and receive a saliva collection kit
4. Mail your saliva sample to the medical provider
5. Receive your results from a genetic counselor in 2-3 weeks 

The Center is there for you throughout the process, providing access to expertise and payment assistance for those who need it. 

Make an investment in your future family by getting screened today! It will pay big dividends for you, your partner, your family and your community now and in future generations.

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25418222


Affordable, Accessible Genetic Screening in Illinois

Our affordable, accessible carrier screening program uses advanced technology to provide comprehensive screening for Jewish and interfaith couples. Visit our Get Screened page to learn more and register.