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The Gene Scene (Under Quarantine)

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While official recommendations continue to change daily, JUF remains ready to do all it can to help those in need.

Even though this post is being written from the author’s kitchen table, we want you to know the Norton & Elaine Sarnoff Center is open for business.

Learning goes online: We had to postpone our “What’s Jewish about Hereditary Cancer?” panel event when JUF canceled all in-person events through the end of April. However, we’re still providing online educational opportunities. On March 18, health education program manager Becca Bakal hosted a Zoom webinar where she presented on Jewish genetic health concerns such as hereditary cancers and recessive genetic disorders. On March 30 and April 2, Becca will facilitate additional webinars concerning Jewish genetic disorders, hereditary cancers, and genetic counseling and testing. Follow our Facebook page to learn more about upcoming online programs. 

Screening is easy from home! Our convenient online, on-demand carrier screening program allows individuals to register for the program from the comfort (and safety) of their own home. Our medical partner, Insight Medical Genetics, is still able to get carrier screening kits to participant’s homes. Participants can still expect results from our genetic counselor three to four weeks after the lab receives their sample collection kits. If you want more information, program associate Carol Guzman continues to be on-call to answer any questions. You can reach her at (312) 444-2847 or geneticscreening@juf.org.

These are challenging times. But we’re here for you, and we wish you and your family good health.

For the latest information from JUF, please visit juf.org or the JUF Facebook page.  


Affordable, Accessible Genetic Screening in Illinois

Our affordable, accessible carrier screening program uses advanced technology to provide comprehensive screening for Jewish and interfaith couples. Visit our Get Screened page to learn more and register.


Do You Know What's In Your Genes?

What is the most valuable gift you can give to your family? The gift of good health! There are many health conditions that run in families. Knowing your family health history can alert you to the potential risk for a variety of genetic disorders . Talk to your relatives for warning signs and assess your risk for hereditary cancers.

Did you know: Ashkenazi Jews are 10 TIMES more likely to have BRCA mutations, which significantly increases lifetime risks for hereditary cancers, so what does this heightened risk mean for you? Click here to learn more .