Genetic Disorders


Dor Yeshorim

The Center for Jewish Genetics is not affiliated with Dor Yeshorim, but provides information about the program as a service to the community. If you want to know the detailed results of your genetic screening test, you will need to use screening services like those offered by the Center for Jewish Genetics. 

Note that Dor Yeshorim is based on a confidential matching service that provides information about the genetic compatibility of two individuals without revealing the details of their screening results to the participants. If individuals have received testing anywhere other than Dor Yeshorim, or are already engaged or married, they will not be able to use the Dor Yeshorim system.

None of these restrictions apply to the services offered by the Center for Jewish Genetics.

Please learn more about Dor Yeshorim by visiting their website:

You can also reach Dor Yeshorim at their New York office at (718) 384-2332 or through the Dor Yeshorim hotline at (718) 384-6060.


Our affordable, accessible carrier screening program uses advanced technology to provide comprehensive screening for Jewish and interfaith couples. Visit our Get Screened page to learn more about our program and how to register!