National Salary and Workforce Study for Jewish Early Childhood Education


Early Childhood Education Staff Compensation Study


This research study aims to gather data on the salaries, benefits, and educational credentials of educators working in Jewish early childhood programs across the U.S. to guide the Jewish ECE systems across the country. The findings from the data will inform recommendations for policy and practices in ECE educator compensation.


Q: Who is leading the study?

A: The study is being led by The Jewish United Fund/Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago (JUF) and ECE-RJ with additional financial support from JCCA, AJU, The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater Boston, Jewish Education Center of Cleveland, Jewish Federation of Greater Metrowest NJ, and the Efshar Project. Additional partners of this study include Jewish Federation of Greater Houston, CAJE/Jewish Federation of Greater Miami, Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas, Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, Jewish Federation of St. Louis, and the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta.

The Coalition has partnered with The Greenberg Team, under the leadership of Dr. Ariela Greenberg, to support the survey development and data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Q: Who are the study partners?

A: National and local organizations support this study. While partners vary in their level of participation, all organizations have committed to help encourage their networks to participate in this study. A portion of the organizations have committed to collaborating with the central research team to collect data, and they will receive a local or specialized aggregated report.

Q: What are the study objectives?

A: The first objective is to assess educator salaries, benefits, and credentials within the Jewish early childhood programs across the country. Use the research results as an implementation guide for the Jewish ECE systems across the USA. The second objective is to disseminate national and local reports on ECE educators across the country with a summary of all early educators and comparing between types of educators in the field.

Q: Where will this study take place?

A: All data will be collected through an online platform directly from center-level leadership. The study team may use existing administrative data to supplement and complement the new data collected. This study will recruit from USA organizations that provide center-based early childhood education in Jewish settings.

Q: When will the study take place?

A: The data collection portion of the study will take place from June to August of 2022. The analysis and reporting will occur in the Fall of 2022, and the dissemination of findings may potentially continue into the early winter of 2023.

Q: Who does the study consider as “ECE staff”?

A: The study will include all staff in participating organizations without regard to the individual’s religion or religious identification. The study will include director-level staff, instructional and programmatic staff, including teachers, assistant teachers, and specialist teachers hired directly by the center.

Q: How does my center participate?

A: Center directors should receive an email from with an invitation to participate by July 7, 2022. Center directors who feel they meet the criteria for participation and did not receive an invitation by July 7, 2022, should complete this form.

Q: What are the benefits of participation?

A: Participation in research is always voluntary. Thus researchers count on a representative sample of participants volunteering to complete the study survey. We hope that if you are a center director, you will know and feel proud that your center data was included in the aggregated national report and will help impact positive changes in the field of ECE and the compensation of its greatest asset, you and your fellow employees. If your center is in a catchment area of a participating community, you will know the local community report reflects your center, with similar benefits as inclusion in the national report.

In appreciation of centers that participate, they will be eligible for a raffle for gift card prizes from the national research team. Some local communities may provide additional incentives for participants in their catchment area.

Q: What is the cost to participate?

A: There is no fee due for centers to participate.

Q: What are the risks of participating?

A: This study poses few to no risks to participants. Data will be collected and stored in a secure platform. Only the research team can see center responses. All individual-level data will be anonymous (de-identified).

Q: Where can I ask questions?

A: For center directors or center participation, please send questions to For community professionals, press inquiries, or other study-related questions, please send questions to and