IEC Israel Educators and Professionals

With a wide breadth of expertise and knowledge, IEC Educators and Professionals bring a wealth of experience to all of IEC's initiatives and overall vision.

White, Emily
Emily White is Assistant Vice President of Campus Affairs and Executive Director of JUF's Israel Education Center (IEC). Emily oversees the IEC's programs, strategy, and educational resource development all geared toward increasing student and communal capacity to address anti-Zionism, antisemitism, and anti-Israel activism. Her driving goals are to inspire pride in and commitment to the Jewish community, Israel, and Zionism for Jewish students and young adults. Jewish and non-Jewish students all deserve the chance to understand Israel and Jewish peoplehood and Emily strives to provide those opportunities through IEC programs and resources. Those tools include public policies, strategic planning, curriculum development, and consulting. Emily earned a BA from DePaul University and a Master of Social Work from University of Michigan. 

Micah Ariel-Rohr is Assistant Director of Campus Affairs and Executive Director of JUF's Israel Education Center (IEC). In his current role, Micah works closely with students, teachers, and other stakeholders in k-12 schools and on college campuses to address issues of campus climate and antisemitism, as well as facilitating programs that foster the development of Jewish identity and meaningful relationships both inside and outside of the Jewish community. Prior to JUF, Micah was the Assistant Director at the University of Wisconsin Hillel Foundation and a social studies teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. A native of Cleveland, Micah earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership and Development as well as a master’s degree in education from DePaul University in Chicago. 

Zoe Nielsen is Program Associate Campus Affairs and Executive Director of JUF's Israel Education Center (IEC).

Allison Wasserman is Program Associate Campus Affairs and Executive Director of JUF's Israel Education Center (IEC).

Nordmeyer, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Nordmeyer is the Israel Education Center's Director of Operations. She oversees the daily operations of the Israel Education Center and the Write On for Israel program. Elizabeth began working at JUF in 2012 within the administration department and joined the IEC team in 2014. She comes with many years of diverse administrative and operational expertise, customer service experience and design implementation know-how through her work within the start-up sector and non-profit industry. 

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— Israel Intern

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