We support the next generation in every aspect of Israel engagement.

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    Coalition Building

    Our initiatives bring Jewish and non-Jewish students together to engage the entire campus community and build a broad understanding of Israel.

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    Getting to know Israelis

    The Jewish Agency Israel Fellows program has placed outstanding young Israelis on campuses in Illinois to serve as peer ambassadors to the campus community. IEC supports 4 Israel Fellows in the state of Illinois. Read More.

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    Social Media

    Write On For Israel Fellows and IEC Interns are trained to advocate for Israel on social media, as well as combat delegitimization and demonization on the web. Stay connected to IEC by joining us on Facebook.

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    Travel to Israel

    Experiencing the land, people and culture first-hand is one of the best ways to develop a long-term relationship with Israel. Whether you choose a short-term (Birthright Israel), summer (Onward Israel) or long-term (Masa Israel) trip, IEC is here to support you. Learn More.

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    Taglit-Birthright Israel Follow Up

    Each Taglit-Birthright Israel trip is an opportunity to connect participants to their own Jewish identity, the Jewish community in Chicago and to Jewish life after the trip concludes. IEC developed and implemented staff training for Birthright and Hillel professionals designed to increase the focus on long-term engagement after students experience the life-changing Taglit- Birthright Israel trip.

"The resources from the IEC are invaluable. If they hadn’t reached out to me and to my campus, no one would know about Israel."

— Israel Intern

Real Stories. Changed Lives.

Highlights of personal stories and lives impacted by the opportunities offered through JUF's Israel Education Center. Read the Blog.

Ask an Israel Educator.

Got questions? Get answers here. Find out more about the IEC and ways to connect with Israel. Email IEC.

Funding Request Form

If you would like to initiate a campus program about Israel, apply for funding here.