IEC professionals are leaders in the field of Israel engagement and education.

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    We combat delegitimization

    The IEC actively combats anti-Israel agendas that seek to delegitimize Israel's right to exist by working alongside students, faculty, administrators and national partners in the struggle for a fair and balanced conversation. We arm our student interns with the knowledge and resources they need to lead the charge. Read more.

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    We create resources

    Our decade of experience in education fighting delegitimization has enabled us to create tools that are accessible to students and professionals across the nation. We work together with partner organizations and student groups to educate the next generation about Israel's rich history, culture, politics, and current affairs. Read more.

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    We cultivate leadership

    The IEC equips students at the high school and college levels with the tools and skills they need to stand up for Israel on campus and beyond. Our students are empowered to tell Israel's story effectively and accurately because of our unique resources and educational opportunities. 

"The IEC is on the ground with us as we combat anti-Israel sentiment and misconceptions. Along with the other Israel Interns, I work every day to empower my fellow students to be voices for Israel."

— Israel Intern

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