Israel has long been a core focus of the Chicago community and as such, JUF allocates significant resources to Israel every year.

JUF’s Israel office is dedicated to strategic planning and oversight of JUF operations in Israel. The office represents JUF in Israel, including liaison with our primary overseas beneficiary agencies, The Jewish Agency for Israel and The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the Israeli government and its agencies, JUF’s Partnership Together region (Kiryat Gat/ Lachish/ Shafir Region) and more.

JUF’s Israel office also plays a key role in implementing numerous programs, as well as assisting in various missions and visits year round. The office provides advocacy for JUF, leads JUF’s signature educational initiative, Israel Children’s Zone (ICZ) and more. The office presents research background information for (and monitoring where appropriate) the use of funds and programs supported by JUF donors.

Office staff

Ofer Bavly - Vice President, JUF and Director General of Israel Office

Maya Abarbanel - Deputy Director General

Hani Zusman - Projects Manager

Dina Berman Maykon - Office Manager

Ofer's Column

Read the monthly Israel's commentary by Ofer Bavly, Director General of the JUF Israel office.