Same every year, but different this year. Israel’s Memorial and Independence Days
Abraham Hostels live up to their name. Hospitality chain opens its doors to war evacuees
Home away from home
Why Hamas does what it does....and why Israel does what it must
The winner would be… Israel
Learning about our Haredi brothers and sisters in Israel
Shield and Arrow, cause and effect
The seismic rift over Israel’s judiciary
Speaking about the unspeakable
Abraham Accords-Gateway to Peace Process?
A place to call home
A high-tech hub for women-where tradition and modernity co-exist
Radiating hope and celebration
Yehuda and Roberta
A Diverse, Potentially Unstable Government for Israel
Israel’s Internal and External Battles
Israeli Elections...
Sending relief to our Druze sisters and brothers
Three branches, one tree
Israel has shot to be first at full vaccination
Standing shoulder to shoulder
Israelis and their masks
Normalization with the Arab World
Normalizing relations with the U.A.E.
The Changing Face of Israeli Diplomacy
The good, the bad, and the ugly
Finally, a new government in Israel seems set to arise
Notes from the quarantine
Israeli film and TV transcend borders, gain mass appeal
Poised for battle, singing for peace
In Gaza, a scripted round of violence
Foreign investment, tourists-and birds-flock to Israel
Supporting Israelis with mental disabilities
Full STEEM ahead
The agonizing pain accompanying a blessed miracle
Israel's upcoming elections-a primer
Israeli army acts as ‘good neighbors,’ rescues Syrians
Hiking up, down, and through history
Frictions between Iran, Israel escalate
Gaza marches not a route to peace
And yet—Israelis are happy
Keeping hope when progress seems a distant dream
40 Years Since Sadat’s Visit to Jerusalem
100 years of the Balfour Declaration
Israeli and Palestinian teens 'MEET' to create positive change
A Century of Zionism—Herzl’s Vision Comes True
Supporting ultra-Orthodox youth at risk and their families
New Hamas manifesto—more of the same
Israeli hi-tech wins on every front
Helping Syrians-despite a history of enmity
How 9-11 changed Israel and the world
Why do Israelis care about the Olympics?
The real story behind Israel’s economic miracle
When Americans suffer, Israelis feel their pain
Israel’s Arabs: Dispelling the Apartheid myth
ISIS—Masters of terror in the digital age
Travel to Israel—truth and perception

Ofer's Column

Read the monthly Israel's commentary by Ofer Bavly, Director General of the JUF Israel office.