Quarter of a million march in the largest ever Gay Pride Parade in the Middle East

This year’s parade marks the 20th anniversary of Tel Aviv’s first pride parade, and paid tribute to the pioneering activists who played a key-role in promoting LGBT rights and visibility in Israel Read More

Israeli medtech startup wins global counter-terror tech challenge

The 2018 Combating Terrorism Technology Startup Challenge, organized with partnership of the US Department of Defense, awarded the top prize of $100,000 to CardioScale" Read More

Hollywood salutes Israel on its 70th anniversary

Actors, producers and sports personalities gather at Universal Studios in Los Angeles in a show of support for the State of Israel Read More

SodaStream marks 2018 World Cup with special-edition team bottles

SodaStream, an Israel-based global company, is once again demonstrating its savvy for good PR Read More

Model farm in Israel sowing seeds for global innovation

Unique full-scale educational farm in northern Israel tests and shows local and international agronomists the latest Israeli ag-tech advances Read More

6 Israeli companies personalizing cancer treatment

Expertise in data science has pushed Israel to the forefront in devising technologies for predicting the best course of treatment for each patient Read More

10 gorgeous photographs of bird-life in Israel

At the crossroads of three continents, Israel plays host to 530 species of birds. Check out these unforgettable images of incredible diversity Read More

JUF in Israel

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