Spending time in my favorite place in Israel

I went to Israel this summer, but not on Birthright-and not to the most well-known places in Israel, either.

1/8/2019 2:01:59 PM

Living in Israel helped me figure out my next chapter

After realizing how many amazing internship opportunities Masa programs had to offer in every field, I chose Destination Israel, based in Tel Aviv.

1/8/2019 1:55:44 PM

‘All in the family’

Meet a family who strengthens their bonds with each other by strengthening their connection to Israel.

1/3/2019 4:22:44 PM

Onward Israel helps one Chicago nursing student find herself professionally and Jewishly

Through Onward Israel, students participate in eight-week internships related to their field of study, while engaging with Israeli history and culture.

1/3/2019 1:51:20 PM

In Negev, camels accompany Bedouins’ shifts

Much is changing for Bedouins. Eternal desert nomads, Bedouins—at least those in Israel—are setting down roots in their own settlements and in smaller clusters, the latter distinctive for ramshackle tin huts and ever-present sheep and goats.

1/3/2019 1:15:37 PM

VIDEO: We Stand With Israel

JUF/JF Rally for Israel - We Stand With Israel.  Watch »