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Shabbat Guide

JUF is pleased to provide this basic guide to celebrating Shabbat.

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Jewish Word Glossary

Glossary Key

abbr. = abbreviated
esp .= especially
Heb. = Hebrew
lit. = literally
n = noun
pl. = plural
pron. = pronounced
usu. = usually
v = verb
Yid. = Yiddish

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ochtsen und dreytsen
lit= 18 and 13: (Yid.) of a less palatable but necessary topic, esp. money
"Oht azoy!" 
lit.=as thus: "That's right! Just like that!"
world; universe; everything; forever
Olam HaBah
lit.=The World to Come; Heaven
oleh (pl. olim)
lit.=ascender: immigrant to Israel
period of 49 days between the second night of Pesach and the first night of Shavuot; first 33 are period of national mourning
lit.= delight; party, usu. on Shabbat
mourner, immediately upon the death of a loved one; said to be in a state of "aninut"
(Yid.) tease; pester
lit.=autobus: bus
(The) O.U.
The Orthodox Union (full name: Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America); its kashrut insignia, an 'O' around a 'U'.
"Oy, gevalt!"
"Oh, drat!"; "Quick, help!"
"Oy, gottenyu!"
"Oh, G-d!"
"Oy, vey!"
lit.=(it) hurts: "Oh, no!"
"Oy, vey is mir!"
"Oh, woe is me."
oys gematert
(Yid.) worn out, worn thin; exhausted
"Oys shiduch!"
lit.=the engagement is over: "The deal is off!"
(Yid.) outcast
lit.=treasure: (Yid.) darling one