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Shabbat Guide

Shabbat Guide

JUF is pleased to provide this basic guide to celebrating Shabbat.

The Holocaust Project

Encyclopedia Britannica Holocaust Project

JUF partners with Encyclopedia Britannica to bring you their collection of Britannica's Holocaust Project resources.


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Britannica’s Holocaust Project Resources

The Holocaust Project logoParticipation in Britannica's Project Holocaust enables JUF to provide here more than 100 articles, essays, and lesson/classroom prompts, some of which also contain photographs and videos. Many of the articles have been written by Dr. Michael Berenbaum, the former director of the Research Institute at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. These Britannica articles provide a convenient, reliable resource for Holocaust-related information.

Part 1:  Hitler and the Origins of the Holocaust

Part 1: Discussion Questions


Part 2: The Holocaust

Part 2: Discussion Questions


Part 3: The Allied Response: Should the Allies Have Bombed the Camps?

Michael Berenbaum: “Why Wasn’t Auschwitz Bombed?”

Part 3: Discussion Questions 


Part 4: The Christian Response: The Actions of the Church

Part 4: Discussion Questions


Part 5: Art, Meaning, and Memory

Part 5: Discussion Questions