Five Sisters Legacy Society
A cohort of Create a Jewish Legacy

In honor of the Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago's 20th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the creation of the Five Sisters Legacy Society, a meaningful opportunity to add your voice to the community of Jewish women who will make JWF a defining part of their charitable legacy.

JWF's Five Sisters Legacy Society is named after Zelophehad's daughters, a group of strong, wise women who used their collective voice to stand up for their rights and secure their future (Numbers 27: 1-11). The story of the Five Sisters illustrates one of the earliest challenges faced by Jewish women, the inability to inherit land. By successfully making their case, the Five Sisters stood up against injustice and affirmed the rights of all Jewish women for future generations.

Similarly, the Jewish Women's Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago is working to build a future where all Jewish women and girls are equally valued partners in every aspect of the Jewish community and around the world.

JWF's 20th anniversary presents a unique opportunity to dramatically increase our impact by growing our endowment with Legacy Gifts.

JWF is an enduring part of your Jewish legacy. As you plan for the future, think about what that legacy means to you and please consider JWF in your will or estate plan. To learn more about how to create your Jewish legacy, please contact us.


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Alona Anspach
Elizabeth Ballis
Teri Barnett
Laurie Baskin
Ellen B. Carmell
Jackie Casey
Judy Deutsch  
Jennifer Flink
Ellen Saks Goldberg
Randi Brown Gurian
Gwen Heyman
Dana Westreich Hirt
Sheri Hokin
Frances Horwich
Donna Kahan
Gerri Kahnweiler
Debby Karton
Nancy Kohn
Lori Ann Komisar
Adrienne Barbakoff Kriezelman
Annette Lidawer
Jen Lucas
Tracy Madansky
Debra Marcus
Sylvia R. Margolies
Susan Mednick
Ilene Novack
Debra Oberman
Sue Rifas
Debra Ruderman
Linda Schiffman
Midge Perlman Shafton
Beth Shapiro Kopin
Judy Share         
Carol S. Siegel
Linda Simon
Shari B. Slavin
Stephanie Smerling
Andi Srulovitz
Lee Sternberg
Marilyn Vender
Stephanie Victor