After uncertainty, Benjamin Netanyahu secures meetings with Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Donald Trump Mark Kelly, a potential Harris VP pick, has a Jewish spouse with a striking story: Gabby Giffords The Borscht Belt Festival, honoring the Jewish Catskills, is bigger and broader this year Here’s why Jews are excited — and nervous — about a Democratic ticket that could include another Jew Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania’s Jewish governor, could be Kamala Harris’ VP pick How Gabrielle Zevin’s ‘Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow’ became an unlikely lightning rod in literary fights over the Israel-Hamas war This British Jew is taking aim at youth unemployment — one entrepreneur at a time Netanyahu meets with hostage families in DC as pressure mounts for a deal Kamala Harris’ backers say she understands Jews and Israel. Her critics fear her stance on Gaza. These Jewish Boy Scouts saved a man’s life on the flight home from a 100-mile desert trek Adidas removes 1972 Olympic sneaker ads, apologizes to Bella Hadid over Munich massacre associations
Edging into summer with music, theater, and more

Shows that highlight Jewish life

‘Uncomfortable Conversations’ might be the elixir we all need

The concept of the book is simple: Two friends—one Jewish, one not—get out of their bubbles and chat.

The love doctor

 Dr. Sam Hamburg weighs in on lasting love

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