‘With God’s help’ Trump will be reelected, top GOP lawmaker Elise Stefanik tells Israel’s Knesset in partisan speech Iranian Jew’s execution reportedly delayed after prayer campaign by Jews around the world Israeli minister addresses convention hosted by Vox, Spanish far-right party criticized for neo-Nazi ties In ‘Here There are Blueberries,’ playwright Moisés Kaufman focuses on the perpetrators of the Holocaust NYC deputy mayor charges Washington Post with antisemitism Police in Rouen, France, shoot and kill man who set fire to a synagogue The Jewish Sport Report: These Jews are dominating the NHL and PWHL playoffs LA’s Academy Museum initially excluded Hollywood’s Jewish origins. A new exhibit on Jewish film pioneers fixes that. IDF recovers bodies of 3 Nova festival victims, including Shani Louk In ‘October 7: In Their Own Words,’ right-wing culture warriors bring Israeli survivors’ accounts to the NY stage For Jewish teens critical of Israel, the generation gap is sometimes with their peers
The Schmooze....

Catching up with Jason Alexander 

Family history, offbeat art

The music of different eras

Supporting Israel’s displaced farmers

Leket Israel helps growers torn from their land by war


Where the Jewish heart is

Every mezuzah has a story to tell

Different ways families embrace mezuzot

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