Obituary Guidelines

Jewish Chicago publishes obituaries for free, as a service to the community. We accept obituaries from funeral homes and individuals, sent to

We do not accept full eulogies, and request that the information provided be limited to the following:

  • The name of the deceased, including preferred nicknames
  • Their age at the time of death, if known
  • The names of the following family members, and their spouses, if applicable. Descriptors such as “beloved” will be included.
    • Spouses
    • Children
    • Siblings
    • Parents
    • Brother/sister-in-law
    • Son/daughter-in-law
    • Mother/father-in-law
  • The numbers of the following (“many” is acceptable):
    • Grandchildren
    • Great-grandchildren
    • Nieces and nephews
    • Cousins
  • The names of organizations to which memorial donations may be made (note: Due to space restrictions ,we will not include contact information for these organizations.)
  • Which funeral home was used. Names of cemeteries will also be included, if provided.
  • In addition, please note if the deceased has:
    • Survived the Holocaust
    • Served in the US or Israeli military
    • Served in the federal, state, local, or Israeli government
    • Provided major service to the Jewish community
    • Earned an advanced academic degree (above undergraduate) or professional certification
    • Has a formal title you wish included: Dr., Rabbi, etc.

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