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Write On for Israel Fellow Sydney Weisman shares journal entries from the group’s recent two-day trip to Washington, D.C.

Throughout the GA, I was challenged to think about how my peers and I are all responsible for the Jewish future. 

It was about 6 years ago that I met Emily. I remember meeting her for coffee about an opportunity to join a delegation to D.C. to advocate for continued U.S. support of Israel. I could not believe someone was offering this kind of opportunity to me.

The wooden door brushed against soft metal chimes as I entered the gift shop. The shelves were overflowing with keepsake objects ranging from handcrafted dreidels to the blue Hamsa necklaces which every girl decides to buy for herself before returning from Birthright.

Beneath the Helmet: From High School to the Home Front is more than just a film.


I was walking back to my dorm after a Hillel meeting one evening when a girl I did not know stopped me. “Hey! Aren’t you the girl who planned that event a few weeks ago with the Israeli hip-hop guy?” she asked.

Overnight, I gave birth to 46 students.

Seven high school teachers representing four schools are experiencing a whirlwind eight days in Israel.

When I left Israel the siren still went off every day, all day. Leaving your country in times of war is not an easy thing to do.

As the dog days of summer slowly lumbered around me, I received a unique opportunity.

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