Former Israeli MK sued two women for libel after they accused him of sexual harassment Progressive members of Congress condemn evictions of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah He left Brazil to became a lone soldier in Israel. Then he lost both his parents to COVID. Actor Lakeith Stanfield moderated a Clubhouse room full of anti-Semitism Violence rages in West Bank and Jerusalem, as dozens are injured in police clashes and Palestinian attackers are killed in shootout Pleading guilty to inciting a riot in Brooklyn, Heshy Tischler sentenced to 10 days of community service Jewish nonprofit distributes 1,500 boxes of halal food for Ramadan, including pricey dates 186-year-old letter detailing early American diplomatic visit to Holy Land surfaces in Jerusalem auction A survivalist summer camp for Orthodox Jews is planned for New York — and vaccinated folks aren’t invited Yitzhak Arad, partisan who led Israel’s Holocaust museum for decades, dies at 95 Agency working with US military posts sermon advising ‘men of Israel’ to apologize for killing of Jesus
Catering to the new reality

Chicago's kosher caterers adapt to the "new normal"

Coping in Chicago

Jewish organizations offer help to young adults in need of support during the pandemic

Meeting Cute

Read Jewish Chicago "meet cute" stories to inspire you before Valentine's Day!

Virtual Events

To keep our community safe, JUF is now offering several virtual event experiences. We hope you can join us!

Virtual JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival runs March 5-June 6

Innovation and creativity will be on display at the second virtual JCC Chicago Jewish Film Festival.

Visionary female leaders working together for good

In Chicago's Jewish community, we are uplifted by so many fierce female leaders working together for good, while inspiring the next generation

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