Ethics of the Mother
Linda 2014
Empty nester Linda Haase considers lessons learned and progress made in her lifetime, through a Jewish woman’s lens.... Read More

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That’s what it’s like getting older. Everything that is familiar, everything you think you know, begins to fall away.

Sometime during the Obama Administration, I stopped sleeping.

The women around me sing the praises of this purification ritual.

Apparently, the key to a millennial's heart is preservative-free.  Not to mention globally sourced, sustainable and—most important of all—convenient.

After a plane ride across nine time zones, it was a relief to finally check in to our Jaffa hotel.

On Nov.13, when Islamist terrorists murdered more than a hundred innocents in synchronized attacks across Paris, here is what did not happen.

I climbed into the ambulance behind the stretcher and thought: Oh, God; today is the day I am going to become a widow.

I can’t imagine my life today without the conveniences of the modern age, innovations I take for granted in my daily routine.

I don't have a bucket list. According to my Facebook news feed, I am in a distinct minority. It seems like everyone else is planning to boldly jump out of planes, fulfilling a lifelong ambition to freefall through space.

I turned 36 two weeks after I came to work at JUF, and it seemed auspicious that I was reaching my "double chai" birthday at that moment in time.

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