Who’s your favorite Jewish character on the big or small screen?

Find out if your favorite Jewish characters made the cut!

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We asked some Jewish Chicagoans to weigh in. See if their favorites match yours!


  • Abe Weissman, Mrs. Maisel's father (played by a Christian actor from a Lebanese family). Can't get more Jewish than that.
    Boaz Blumovitz, Northbrook    
  • I had so many ideas--I couldn't pick just one! These are of many fantastic Jewish female characters in our collective consciousness: Cher Horowitz ( Clueless ) comes from such an honest place of wanting to do good in her world, and even though she may not always succeed, she has the best intentions. And Monica Geller ( Friends ) embodies all the things I sometimes wish I were--funny, organized, and confident. She is unapologetic in who she is and embraces her mishegas !
    Eliana Morris, Arlington Heights
  • Without a doubt my favorite Jewish character in a movie was played by Martin Landau in the movie Rounders .  Landau played a law professor named Abe Petrovsky who counseled matt Damon's character throughout the movie about life and the tough choices one needs to take.     
    Lonnie Nasatir, Chicago    
  • Seth Cohen ( The OC ). No further responses needed.
    Stephanie Sklar, Northbrook
  • My favorite Jewish character would probably be Eugene Jerome from Brighton Beach Memoirs . He's hilarious as a pubescent teen from Brooklyn who tells his coming-of-age story during the World War II era, filled with great one-liners.  Jonathan Silverman does a wonderful job portraying him in the 1986 movie.
    Rachel Rubinstein, Chicago
  • Sean William Scott as Doug Glatt in Goon is my vote.
    Lee Lazar, Madison, but a Chicago native 
  • I love Schmidt from New Girl . Here's my reasoning: It's safe to say that Schmidt embodies all the neuroses of a Jewish mother. Although he's over the top in everything he does, he is supportive of his friends and a loving partner. He makes me laugh out loud in every episode which is the perfect distraction during a pandemic. If I could find myself a Schmidt, I'd lock it DOWN!
    Esther Solooki, Chicago

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